Our History


Yaseen Educational Foundation was founded in 1998 by a group of young American Muslim men and women to facilitate the educational needs of students attending college.  Faced with the challenge of keeping their Islamic identity, they designed a place to learn together while experiencing the university life. Our community has now developed into a vibrant place where college, out of college and young couples gather to learn about Islam.

Since its humble beginnings, Yaseen has continuously grown and expanded, currently holding regular programs at two locations with various regular programming serving our growing community of believers.


Yaseen Educational Foundation, through its vision of a learning community, seeks to develop educational resources and platforms for the greater understanding of the spiritual and cultural teachings of Islam. Yaseen aims to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to successfully prepare them for the educational and spiritual challenges of life in the 21st century. The learning environment at Yaseen Educational Foundation enables individuals to be aware of the teachings of Islam, and to make a difference in their families and communities.


The mission of Yaseen Educational Foundation is to improve and enhance education in the Southern California youth and adult community through books, seminars, camps and classes, and equip them with teachings of Islam to help them in their everyday lives.


To continuously learn and improve ourselves
and families through education.

To act in a responsible manner towards our families,
communities and the society in which we live.

To create a culture of giving
to our community and society.

To do as we say we will do
and act and hold ourselves accountable.

To treat each other with respect and dignity.

Hosted Speakers

We’ve had the honor of hosting some of the brightest and most knowledgeable speakers from all across the globe. You can find a majority of their lectures on our Vimeo Page.

  • Sayyid Murtaza Kashmiri
  • Sheikh Salim Yousefali
  • Sheikh Aous Asfar
  • Sheikh Rizwan Arastu
  • Sheikh Jalil Issa
  • Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo
  • Sayyid Jafer Jafer
  • Sayyid Mohammed Taki Hakeem
  • Sayyid Payam Razavian
  • Sheikh Hamid Waqar
  • Sheikh Mohammed Hanif
  • Sheikh Safdar Razi