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    picBy: Tahereh Kassamali Awaiting the Imam of our time entails a wistful sadness.  The waiting period seems long and difficult. Believers around the world long for the appearance of the Imam (a) and hope to keep reading

    screen shot“Shaykh Murtaza Bachoo, a respected Shaykh who studied in the Islamic seminary of Qum and serves the community in Canada, provides a beautiful explanation about why human beings supplicate and ask Allah for their needs. keep reading

    DSC_0918By: Mariam Noorzayee I felt a sense of anxiousness even before the start of my Ziyarat, knowing these twenty days would pass so quickly and I would have to descend back into our worldly life. Memories keep reading

    fireBy: Mohamed Suleman Standing outside the Arz Lebanon restaurant a couple of days ago, I could not help but be reminded of a nagging thought that has been lurking in the back of my mind. keep reading

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