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    heart-742712_640By Hasan Kashani Sadness can pose a great problem for believers. It has been mentioned in hadith as a major source of aging[1] and destructive to the body.[2] Moreover, according to a hadith attributed to keep reading

    image-702310_1280By Hafidha Soheyla Aryan Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim The Prophet (s.a.w.)  was asked about the blessings of the Holy Quran, he replied, ان أردتم عيش السداءَ، “If you wish (to taste) the pleasure of prosperity, و keep reading

    clock-691143_1280By Hasan Kashani God says in the Qur’an, “Establish prayer from when the sun begins to decline [noon] until the darkness of the night,[1] and [establish] the recital of fajr (dawn). Indeed, the recital of keep reading

    books-690219_1280By Hasan Kashani Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣādiq (‘a) is believed to have died from poisoning on the 25th of Shawwāl in the year 148 AH,[1] making yesterday the anniversary of his death. Thus, it is only keep reading

    paddle-839814_1280By Hasan Kashani As Muslims, our purpose in life is clear: we are to know[1] and worship God.[2] And the ideas of play (la‘ib) and amusement (lahw) have negative connotations in the Qur’ān.[3] However, the keep reading

    finger-769300_1280By Hababa Walibiyah Ayatullah Hassanzadeh Amoli has given a few pieces of advice on how to use social media in a God-pleasing way. This advice might seem simple, but it pertains to things that we keep reading

    baby-feet-847821_1280By Hababa Walibiyah I entered an operation room (OR) with a team in order to assess a newborn baby immediately after a C-section. The neonate was healthy and doing well but kept wanting to sleep. keep reading

    coupleBy Hababa Walibiyah True taqwa is manifested inside the household and with family. The worst type of oppression is the one done towards your own household, since your family will keep your dignity and will keep reading

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